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What Are Advantages of Mobile Concrete Plant For Sale

Brief Introduction:What are the advantages of a mobile concrete plant for sale compared with a stationary concrete batching plant? It is of fast installation and quick transfer. Learn more.

The general mixing plant mainly refers to the stationary concrete plant, which is mainly used for mass production of concrete. Generally, it can be divided into commercial mixing plant and engineering mixing plant by purpose.
mobile concrete plant
It is mainly equipped with the main structure, mixer, batching machine, cement silo, weighing system, electric system, pneumatic system, aggregate lifting system, and control room. At the same time, the mixing station should be equipped with mixer trucks and concrete pump. If it is a commercial concrete mixing station, there must also be a floor scale and a commercial concrete laboratory.
The mobile concrete plant for sale generally have two purposes: one is to undertake temporary projects for their own use in concrete production, and the other is to use the mobile mixing plant's mobility and convenience for renting out. It is widely found in temporary projects, roads with long engineering lines, high-speed rail projects, and projects with insufficient construction space,etc.
Compared with the stationary batching plant, the mobile mixing plant is of a compact and simple system. The mixer, batching machine, control room, belt conveyor, weighing system, line cables, wheels, etc., are all on a traction chassis.
The portable concrete plant has the following advantages:
1. Easy disassembly and assembly: Since the structure of the mobile mixing plant is simpler than that of the fixed concrete mixing plant, the mobile mixing plant is more flexible in movement and easier to disassemble.
2. Convenient and quick transition: The main equipment of the mobile mixing station adopts the trailer chassis structure design, which can be driven with a tractor.
3. Fast installation: The mobile mixing plant has a high degree of assembly. All components are manufactured in the factory and assembled on the construction site.