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Twin Shaft Mixer VS Counter-Current Mixers

Brief Introduction:Compared with twin shaft mixer, the counter-current mixer,that has many unmatched advantages such as high homogeneity. Learn more.

With the development and improvement of industry mixing technology, planetary mixers are constantly optimizing and upgrading their own performance, which has also laid a solid foundation for its cross-industry development. Compared with the twin shaft mixer, with limited performance, the planetary mixers can better meet the high mixing needs of the industry.
js750 twin shaft concrete mixer
The principle of the counter-current mixers determines its equipment advantages over traditional concrete mixers. It adopts advanced planetary mixing technology. Through the use of planetary mixing devices, the material mixing area is enlarged.
The multi-dimensional mixing ensures the high homogeneity of the material mixing, while achieving lower mixing resistance, higher efficiency, and lower energy consumption. The structure of the equipment is more scientific, and the transmission device with reliable performance and low noise is adopted, so that the performance of the planetary concrete mixer is better guaranteed.
As a mixing equipment with high homogeneity, the superiority of the counter-current mixer cannot be achieved by other concrete mixers. The mixing is not single, the running track is complex, and the mixing force is diverse. Even if the working time of other mixing equipment is extended, it cannot reach the same effect like the planetary mixer.
For different complex materials and harsh mixing environments, the counter-current mixer can equally and effectively distribute the mixer power to each mixing device to ensure the rapid and stable operation of the concrete mixer and reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. These advantages are unmatched by twin shaft mixers.