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Maintenance of Ready Mix Concrete Plant in Run-in Period

Brief Introduction:First of all, the operator should be familiar with the ready mix concrete plant as soon as possible.

Speaking of ready mix concrete plant maintenance in the run-in period, you may feel a bit strange. But we all know that we need to be familiar with a new car , then we must be very familiar with this thing. In fact, each just bought a new ready mix concrete batching plants need to be run-in period maintenance, and to do this is very important. But what maintenance should do in run-in period of ready mix concrete plant?

First of all, the operator should be familiar with the ready mix concrete plant as soon as possible. The instructions for each device should be carefully studied. Each precaution must be remembered. And combined the instructions and the actual structure of the device for a better understanding of the structure and application of the ready mix concrete plant.

Second, when starting to use the concrete plant should pay attention to adjust the accuracy of various instruments and the tightness of each screw, as well as equipment airtight. These are the focus of our inspection and adjustment of the object in order to work with the mix concrete plant has a higher efficiency. Of course, there must be done, but also related to the life of the ready mix concrete plant, is the point of lubricating the lubrication. 

Finally, we can not be ignored is the cleaning, after each use must be promptly cleaned to keep all parts of the clean.  In the run-in period will be familiar with the ready mix concrete plant can be more efficient in the work and longer life.
maintenance ready mix concrete plant in run-in period