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Tips of Concrete Mixer Trucks Transport

Brief Introduction:When the concrete mixer trucks in the transport of concrete must be ensure the slide bucket firmly.

1. Before starting the concrete mixer trucks, place the mixing tube operating handle in the "STOP" position.

2. The mixing drum should be rotated at low speed about 10 minutes after start the concrete mixer trucks. So that the hydraulic oil temperature rose to 20 ℃ above before work.

3. When concrete mixer trucks in the open-air park. The mixing tank should be reversed before loading, the water and debris discharged to ensure the quality of concrete.

4. When the concrete mixer trucks in the transport of concrete must be ensure the slide bucket firmly. Preventing swing caused by loosening so as to injured pedestrians or affect the normal operation of other vehicles.

5. When concrete mixer trucks transport concrete, mixing tube speed of 2-10 r / min. In the course of transportation, the flat surface of the mixing tube speed to ensure that 2-3 r / min. Driving in the slope and the slope is greater than 50 degrees of the road, stirring should be stopped.

6. Concrete mixer trucks transport concrete time can not exceed the specified time. During the conveyance of concrete, the mixing drum shall not be stopped for a long time to prevent the occurrence of segregation of concrete. Drivers should always observe the concrete situation.

7. Concrete mixer trucks in the discharge of concrete, the mixing drum should be 10-12 r / min rotation speed for 1 minute, and then nesting.

8. When concrete mixer trucks work is completed, should be inside the mixing tube and body clean, can not make the remaining concrete in the cylinder.

9. Concrete mixer truck tank water volume should always be kept full to prepare for emergency use, after the winter shutdown, water tanks, water pumps, water pipes, mixing the water within the cylinder net, and parked in the sun, not water, so as not to Frozen machinery.
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