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How to Use Concrete Mixing Plants in High Temperature

Brief Introduction: In the use of concrete mixing plants need to do a good job in preventing high temperatures. This can prevents the Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plants from malfunctioning and protects the worker's health.

With the advent of the summer the weather temperature is also increasing. In the use of concrete mixing plants need to do a good job in preventing high temperatures. This can prevents the stationary concrete batching plant from malfunctioning and protects the worker's health. Here to share with you on the production of high-temperature weather, concrete mixing plants operation needing attention.

The first is to prevent the concrete mixing plants staff heatstroke, reasonable arrangements for working hours, reduce labor intensity.For example, forklift drivers should pay attention to working in hot weather, try to avoid work in the highest temperature every day. Try to reduce the working time and bring sunstroke drugs such as cool oil, essential balm, etc. If there is heat stroke personnel should be promptly rest.

The second is to cool the working environment, because the concrete mixing plants is generally working in open air conditions, so every hour need to sprinkle water to reduce the temperature of the environment. Mixing concrete must use water at room temperature, so as to ensure the quality of the concrete produced. All equipment to avoid sun exposure. Check the electrical circuit frequently. Need to refuel in time. Look at the temperature of the motor to prevent motor overheating and lead to motor destruction.

On the other hand should also do a good job of concrete mixing plants fire prevention work. Check fire extinguishers and other fire equipment, do concrete mixing plants contingency plans.
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