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Working Principle of Concrete Mixing Station

Brief Introduction:There are two main types of mixing station, namely forced mixing station and self-falling mixing station.

Concrete mixing station is mainly composed of mixer, material weighing system, material transportation system, material storage system and control system.

There are two main types of concrete mixing station, namely forced mixing station and self-falling mixing station. Forced mixing is often used. It can mix all kinds of concrete reasonably, including fluidity, semi-dry hard, dry rigid concrete, while the self-drop can only stir the flow of concrete.

In concrete mixing stations, the material weighing system is an essential part. Weighing system include three parts weighing aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing.

Concrete mixing station under normal circumstances the work of the weighing system Principle: less than 20 cubic meters per hour, then the use of superimposed weighing, greater than 50 cubic meters, then the use of independent weighing material.

Material handling system is also a very important component, generally divided into aggregate transportation, powder transportation, liquid delivery. Material storage system in the concrete mixing station is almost the same, open-end aggregate placed, powder-filled steel structure storage, admixture storage container with steel structure.

Control system is the most important part of the whole set of concrete mixing station. Generally speaking, according to the size of the concrete mixing station and the different requirements of users to design.  The mini concrete batching plant is simple and the system of the large-scale concrete mixing station is more complicated.
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