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Ready mixed concrete batching mixing plant price in China

Brief Introduction:How to get a best price in purchasing China concrete mixing plants? You should learn about the general price scope for standard and customized configurations.

  Although ready mixed concrete batching mixing plant price in China varies from supplier to supplier, there is a general price range: roughly between FOB $25,000 to FOB $100,000, and a mobile plant costs higher than a stationary one, because its manufacturing entail extra processes and configuration.

  The cost above is for standard configurations of China concrete mixing plants only. Therefore, you should first figure out the content of a list of standard configurations. The device list for a mobile concrete batching plant includes a main chassis (towed truck traction pin, parking legs), a concrete mixer, cement, water and admixture weighing scales (with inspection walking platform, railings, etc.), a control room (with automatic control system inside), aggregate ingredient metering equipment, a belt conveyor frame, a cement warehouse and a screw conveyor.
concrete mixing plant workshop

  The concrete mixing plant price of 50m3 and less is lower, for its configuration list incorporates only a concrete mixer, a batching machine, two screw conveyors, two cement silos of 100T, separate sets of weighing devices for water, cement, additives and fly ash, and a control system (consisting of a simple centralized control device, an automatic control set and a control room). And the ready mixed concrete batching mixing plant price is higher with 60m3 and above plants, for they comprises extra devices of a platform with supporting legs, a belt conveyor, a closure set for the mixer, a closure set for the conveyor, two to four sets (two for hzs60 and hzs75, three for hzs90, and four for hzs120) of cement silos and a control room equipped with an automatic system.

  In addition to standard devices, extra parts can be supplied, too, but with extra money. For example, if you need a trailer for a mobile plant or a dust-reducing system for a stationary plant, the price will be higher. Further more, the concrete batching plant cost could also be influenced by the steel quality, the brand of its parts and the fame of the supplier. For example, the hzs120 concrete mixing plant price can be hundreds of thousands of dollars if you purchase from Sany but only tens of thousands of dollars from a common supplier offering similar quality. However, the latter cannot compete with the former in service.