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Models of concrete mixer for sale

Brief Introduction:Models of concrete mixers for sale include JZC250、JZC350、JZC500, JDC350、JDC500, JZM750, JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000.

  In terms of models, our concrete mixer for sale falls in various types. According to its mixing method, it can be divided into different types, and each type has different models, as follows:

  1. Self-falling concrete mixers

  The working mechanism of the self-falling concrete mixers is a cylinder, and several mixing blades are installed along the circumference of the inner wall of the cylinder. When working, the cylinder can rotate around its own axis (horizontal or inclined), and the blades are used to divide, lift and scatter materials. And the impact action, so that the mutual position of the mixture is continuously redistributed and mixed.
concrete mixer for sale

  2. Forced concrete mixers

  The mixing mechanism of the forced concrete mixers is composed of a mixing shaft horizontally arranged in the mixing drum, and mixing blades are installed on the shaft. When working, the rotating shaft drives the blades to shear, squeeze and flip the materials in the drum to perform forced mixing. Make the materials get uniform mixing in the violent relative movement.

Type Series Diagrammatic drawing Model
Self-falling Friction mixing JZM JZM750
Gear mixing JZC JZC250、JZC350、JZC500
Forced Twin horizontal shafts JS JS500、JS750、JS1000、JS1500、JS2000、JS3000、JS4000
Single shaft JDC JDC350、JDC500

  A concrete mixer for sale, regardless of factories and suppliers, generally fall on the scope above. Even if the model names might be different, the working principle are similar.